Playground (July, 2014)

Time To Give It Up (July, 2014)

Finally learnt how to make gifs in a way where the watermark isn’t visible, will be uploading some gifs soon x

F.R.I.E.N.D.S (July, 2014)

Self Portrait III (May, 2014)

Anonymous asked:
Hi I really like your pictures. My question is, do you this just as a hobbie or do u have any plan in future? Either answer please don't stop, you are very talented and is always a pleasure to look at your pictures. :)

Hey, thanks so much! I just do this as a hobby and I love it, I have no plans to stop :) 

Veda (July, 2013)

Long Way From Love (March, 2013)

Richard (July, 2014)

A Day In The Life (April, 2014)

Nowhere Girl (April, 2014)

Ultraviolence (April, 2014)

These Photographs (June, 2014)

Sundrenched World (June, 2014)

Through Her Lens (June, 2014)

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