This Song Can’t Be Played Alone (April, 2014)

Implicit Demand For You (April, 2014)

Slowly Drifting (April, 2014)

Somber Melodies (August, 2014)

Fireside (April, 2014)

Moonchild (August, 2014)

Steady State (July, 2014)

UTS (July, 2014)

Playground (July, 2014)

Time To Give It Up (July, 2014)

Finally learnt how to make gifs in a way where the watermark isn’t visible, will be uploading some gifs soon x

F.R.I.E.N.D.S (July, 2014)

Self Portrait III (May, 2014)

Anonymous asked:
Hi I really like your pictures. My question is, do you this just as a hobbie or do u have any plan in future? Either answer please don't stop, you are very talented and is always a pleasure to look at your pictures. :)

Hey, thanks so much! I just do this as a hobby and I love it, I have no plans to stop :) 

Veda (July, 2013)

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